High Galdr Runes and Rune Secrets: The Book of Runes and Divine Speech

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Runes, runes and more runes! The sacred science of the Gods, the runes were made available to their children, our ancestors. Much information is available about the runes, yet so very little is known as to how they are actually used. They are chanted, they are written, and they are drawn, yet all these methods fail to produce rapid or tangible manifestations.

Using the runes is a science and, like any science, the rules under which their principles and practices operate need to be known. Unleashing a runic vocalisation using proper Galdr has been kept secret for ages, known to only an extremely select few who were capable of mastering their very Self. These methods for Galdr (rune use) were passed down through generations as part of our spoken tradition, with only sparse written instruction preserved.

At long last, actual methods and underlying principles of manifesting the power of the runes are being made known within these pages. Learn how to wield the runes, how to unleash and manifest them, how our ancestors use them to recode reality and reform events in life. Written in clear practical steps this books is the ideal guide for the beginner and experienced rune seeker.

Each and every rune holds a secret, a key, a power, a source of knowledge and a potential.

Learn to unleash it ALL using actual High Galdr.

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