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Banded Agate instills a sense of stability, increases stamina, brings strength to the physical and energetic bodies. It promotes healing of the emotional body by assisting one to heal the wounds of the past and negative, limiting beliefs.


Banded agate meaning relates to healing, improving, and peacefulness. The stone is all about the betterment of the connection between your soul and your body.

It brings the mind, body, and spirits in perfect harmony, letting you enjoy the sincerness of earth and joys of life without feeling compelled with outer negative energies.

1. Balances your physical, emotional, mental and energy:

The main property of banded agate is to promote physical grounding.

Grounding yourself means bringing harmony between your outer body to your physical soul. You often see, your body is feeling tired, outcasted, tensed, and anxious.

It provides your brain with calming energy and peace to diminish the chances of psychic attacks.

2. Improves your connection with the physical world:

The banded agate improves your connection with the physical realm and helps in soothing your mental and cognate from inside anger, tensions, and anxiety.

3. Creates a sense of security and peace:

Banded agate crystal actually builds an unseen wall between humans and the bad intension of people. It takes you in the aura of energies where bad vibes of people never reach you.

By doing so, the crystal creates a sense of peace and security.

4. Improves focus, concentration, and memory:

Agate is there to boost brain functions and improve memory function.

For kids who have a hard time focusing, concentrating, or learning their lessons, the presence of banded agate around them can definitely boost their concentration on studies.

Banded agate helps improve the focus, letting you concentrate on the positive things, and hence bring peace to your mind and body from attacks.

5. Bring you powerful energies to draw things in your favor:

Banded agate will open the doors of success for you by drawing energies in your favor.

It is believed that keeping banded agate with you for a longer time means becoming the master of limitless universal energies.

6. Enhanced your divine feminine power:

Enhanced divine feminine power means you will have the ability to understand yourself better.

It will help you understand how to show compassion and learn empathy. It is a great stone to wear for women.

7. Creates harmony between active and passive energies:

Passive energy helps you in your bedroom to stay calm, relaxed, and peaceful so that you wake up fresh. While active energy is that helps you stay energetic in your daily routine.

8. Helps in magic and sacraments:

People who want to attain magical powers, banded agate helps them achieve, practice, and become pro in using those magical powers.

It brings good luck.

All gemstones are unique in size, shape and color. What you receive may not be exactly as shown in the photo. the photo is for reference only. When making a purchase online, this gemstone will be specially chosen just for you.


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